Lectures and Presentations

I am always looking for opportunities to share my research on historic pottery and pottery techniques as well as historic kitchens and methods of fermenting and pickling. I am confident in my speaking abilities, professional presentations and am an engaging demonstrator,  able to talk about pottery techniques and manufacturing while making pottery.

If you are interested in having  a presentation or demonstration, contact me at libertystoneware@gmail.com 

Here are a few topics I have spoken on and the presentation titles and location:

Historic methods of pickling and fermenting:
Old Salem Landscape Conference, “Restoring Southern Gardens and Landscapes” September 2013 Presentation entitled, “Pickled and Potted: Historical Methods of Preserving the Harvest”

Researching historic pottery and pottery kilns and incorporating research into my work:
Eastfield Village Workshop, “An Early British & American Ceramics ‘POTpourri,’” June 2013
East Nassau, New York . Presentation entitled,“All Fired Up: A Potter’s Pursuit of Research and Production” and demonstration of making stoneware pottery

Kentucky stoneware, specifically Northern Kentucky and Ohio/Mississippi River trade:

Food for Thought Lecture Series, Kentucky Historical Society June 2013
Presentation on Maysville, Kentucky stoneware of the 19th-century 
Colonial Williamsburg Antiques Forum, Williamsburg, Virginia Winter 2013
Presentation entitled “What a Crock!: Nineteenth-Century Kentucky Stoneware”

Decorative Arts of the Southern Backcountry Summer Institute Summer 2012
Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Final presentation on Northern Kentucky stoneware 

Historic American pottery kilns and kiln technology:

Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates, Mount Crawford, Virginia June 2012 2012 Virginia Decorative Arts Seminar, “Earthenware of the Old Dominion” Presentation “In One Kiln: Evidence of Earthenware and Stoneware Kiln Firings in Virginia”

American Ceramic Circle Journal, author Fall 2013 Article entitled, “America’s Historic Kilns: A Potter’s Perspective”

Alexandria Archaeology Museum, Alexandria, Virginia January 2012 Presentation entitled, “America’s Historic Kilns: a Potter’s Perspective”

North Carolina Pottery Collectors Guild , Raleigh, North Carolina December 2011 Presentation entitled, “America’s Historic Kilns: a Potter’s Perspective”

Pennsylvania Moravian pottery (the topic of my Winterthur thesis):

Eastfield Village Workshop, “Redware in America, 1650-1850,” East Nassau, New York June 2011 Lecture, “Pottery and Piety: Moravian Red Earthenware in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1742-1767”

Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas January 2011
Lecture presentation entitled "Moravian Missions and Trade: Sustaining Religious Ties in North America and the Virgin Islands"

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