Our Farm

A little history:

Emmaus Farm is a small farm located in south west Alamance county. Our focus is growing small grains, dry beans and garden vegetables using sustainable practices. The farm is named after the 18th-century Moravian agricultural community just southwest of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The owners, Mike and Brenda Heindl, both have historic family connections to the Moravians of Pennsylvania and have been impressed with the industriousness and culture of the 18th-century Moravians.
Mike is at the Greensboro Curb Farmer's Market starting in May with fresh produce from our farm gardens as well as some pieces of Liberty Stoneware!
Here are some photos with descriptions of what's going on at the farm:
Second year harvesting wheat after battling a lot of rain.

Wheat harvest
Our first year of beekeeping!

We had a barred owl move into the woods in the spring
Mike installed solar panels to run our well at the farm

Looking back:
Mike and Brenda on closing day for their farm purchase
This shed and Brenda's kiln now stands behind where Mike and Brenda are standing in the photo above