Friday, December 17, 2010

Tinkering with the Teapot

I apologize if I am driving anyone crazy with my alliterations. I am fond of them, but I'll try to vary it from now on!
On to teapots.
I made a teapot on the wheel last weekend, and finished it up the other night. I have not made a prolific amount of teapots, so I thought I would share the components of my new adventure into the world of teapotting. Here are the components of the teapot separated (well, okay, I didn't get the camera out until after I put the handle on and had finished the lid):
Teapot body, spouts, and lid.

Finger loop for the front of the teapot and spouts.
The lid before I trimmed it and threw a knob on top looked like this (as a note, this example lid is the second lid I had thrown. Always throw in multiples!):

And before it got trimmed on top of the teapot, the lid looked like this:

I sized up the spout, made a few marks and moved it around a bit. Then I temporarily stuck it on the side to see if it looked right:

After I decided it was placed correctly, I punched the holes for the liquid to pour out (sorry, no photo, I forgot!) The base of the spout got a little squished when put it on, not to mention that a straight spout on a faceted teapot looked a little out of place. So, after I put the finger loop below the spout I had some extra clay on hand, and I added some little bits around the edge of the spout:

The final product:
I think I am going to angle the sides in a little more, and maybe tame the knob some. I'll keep you posted. Happy potting.

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