Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snowy February Firing

Snow on the ground in the early morning
I may have complained a few times yesterday about the cold weather we had for the kiln firing. However, I was reminded on several occasions that it is better than the blazing hot days of August!
Kiln mostly loaded up
I loaded the kiln last weekend and kept it warm during the cold nights. I think this also helped with drying things out and perhaps making my temperature ramps go more smoothly.
Fluffy snow on the trees around the farm
 The snow fell fairly consistently all day yesterday. It was that lovely, fluffy snow that sticks to the trees. It was refreshing to step out and feel the snow on your face after being in front of a firebox!
Firebox opening
With a nice hot kiln and hot fires by late morning though, you could forget about being cold! Here are a few photos from the tail end of the firing peeking in to see some of the pots:

Decorated mugs

Decorated mug behind glowing cone pack

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Special Thanks to Pottery Making Info

 With things so rampant and crazy I failed to notice that my wee blog was given an honorable mention in the category of Top Pottery Blogs of 2012! My special thanks to Pottery Making Info for this, it's always great to know there are readers out there and that my blog is seen as informative. Other runners up included Dan Finnegan, Paul the Potter, Hatchville Pottery, Art by Fuzzy, and The Rabbit Muse. In the ten Top Blogs of 2012 were two potters I know, Doug Fitch and Ron Philbeck. It is nice to see so many potters recognized for the hard work that  it truly is to keep up with social media along with potting, and for them to share the ins and outs of their work.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blank Slates

Playing with some new (to me) stamps on crocks

 There has been a flurry of activity in the studio lately in preparation for a kiln firing. I had to push the firing back one week as I started a new part time job last week. Very exciting, it has just meant having to make some adjustments!
Three bowls with low wide centers for stacking and serving
I am working on a lot of decorating as the pots are all mostly dry. Blank slates always bring a bit of indecision. I am a fairly indecisive person as it is, so committing to something that does not wipe off very well to make a clean surface can be difficult!
Decoration on the dish set
Lidded jar
Jars are particularly tricky. I think this might be because with three small handles on the piece, there are essentially three "sides" to fill on the surface. That is unless I were to make a continuous pattern around the whole piece. I chose to go with the three "sides," all decorated with a similar pattern.

Just small wine cups and condiment dishes to make in the next day or so and then I will start loading the kiln soon. Lots of work, but always worth it!