Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pottery Exhibition and Holidays

Opening on Saturday, December 7th is an exhibition I have put together for the North Carolina Pottery Center. There will be a reception on the 7th from 12:00-2:00, but the exhibition will be up through March 2014. The exhibition looks at contemporary North Carolina potters who are influenced by and study historic American pottery.
Work was done today to get things planned out and mostly installed with some details to iron out.

On another note, I'm hoping to reopen my Etsy shop very soon and may have some exciting new forms to be revealed! The ornaments turned out nicely from the recent firing and some of the hollow ornaments will be on Etsy and the flat ornaments will be at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market on Saturdays from 7:00-12:00 and at their Holiday Arts and Crafts Show on December 8th.Here are some before and after photos of the ornaments:
Hollow Ornaments before

Hollow Ornaments after

Flat ornaments before

Flat ornaments after

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kiln Firing Results!

Before firing
Just in time for the Whimsical Women show in Pfafftown this weekend, the kiln is unloaded and I am rampantly cleaning and pricing pottery!
After firing!
View inside of the kiln
  There will be a large array of mugs, vases, dishes, wine cups, bowls, compost crocks, pickling crocks, and pitchers!
 Look for the ornaments! I will have a large variety of these unique, lightweight porcelain beauties to choose from!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Show and Kiln Firing!

One week from tomorrow I will be participating in The Whimsical Women show in Pfafftown, NC! This is not something to be missed, there will be extraordinary artists in one place for one day only! And there's FOOD!
Flat decorated ornaments

Hollow ornaments that will have blue slip decorations on them

I'm firing a kiln this weekend and have some special ornaments ready to be fired and fresh for the show!

And lots of wine cups! I'm hoping to reopen the Etsy store soon, my camer died recently and I have been working on finding a good replacement- bear with me! Come visit next weekend!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gearing Up

I am gearing up for the last kiln firing of the year and trying to motivate myself to prepare for the Whimsical Women show and the holidays!
Before slipping and decorating

After slipping and decorating
I've had snippets of time to get into the photography studio and take some photographs:

And when all else fails, the weekly harvest of carrots always keeps us entertained with things like this:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lighthouse Outhouse

A few weeks ago I attending Preservation North Carolina's annual conference which was held in Edenton, NC. I had the chance to check out one a rescued lighthouse in the process of being restored. The building was fabulous, but I thought I would share the outhouse which I thought was most amusing.

The outhouse, like many outhouses was outside of the building, off to one side. I immediately noticed that there was not a shaft or any other materials to hide was may, well, fall from the interior of the outhouse. I asked a man who helps tend to the lighthouse and when I asked him why there wasn't any additional structure he said that wouldn't have been necessary because it was off of the coast- who would see?

View from the seat
So, straight down into the water for all the passing boats to see...I am easily amused. I hope you can also enjoy my humor.