Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kiln Footage

I wanted to share a video I made a few weeks ago while at the Pottersville kiln site excavation in Edgefield, South Carolina. I made a few other shorter videos, and will try to get those up soon.
This video is an overview of the kiln as it was just before I left. I tried to put in as much explanation as I could. The footage shows me walking the length of the kiln.

The excavation of the kiln in South Carolina was recently completed, and a really great video made by Story Line Media highlights the process of the dig and the findings.


Oliver Mueller-heubach said...

Is there a chance the length has any connection with long Asian kilns and the possible links between Landrum and knowledge of Chinese alkaline glazes? Thanks for posting footage! I visited Edgefield last year but haven't gotten to see the Pottersvile site

Liberty Stoneware said...

Oliver, I am not convinced of a connection between Asian kilns and Chinese alkaline glazes to the traditions developing in America. Carl Steen is working on an article related to this topic, so I don't want to say too much, but think about it-- you've seen the walls of the kilns from fragments-- the potters were very much aware that ash buildup caused the bricks in their kilns to melt and deteriorate. Why is it such a leap to think someone put one and one together? Also, the French and the Germans have tunnel-styled kilns, which should not be overlooked. I hope to make it up to Williamsburg this fall, we'll have to talk more about this!