Monday, January 23, 2012

Necessary Evils

Pile of reclaim clay ready to go through the pug mill
One of the necessary evils of making pottery, especially in a production setting, is putting clay through a pug mill. The clay is put into the mill where rotating discs push the clay to the front of the pug mill.
Clay getting ready to be pressed in to the mill
When the clay is pushed forward in the machine, it is compressed through a fine screen and then compressed again into a tube of clay.  

Reclaimed clay coming out of the pug mill
I am not a huge fan of putting clay through a pug mill, however, I intend to own one someday and appreciate the utility of the machinery.

The reclaimed clay was then used to make flowerpots in the afternoon. Joseph said that my small 1 pound rounded flowerpots looked like chamber pots. I have yet to decide whether that was a good thing or not. I am just thankful that we have advanced beyond the horse or mule-drawn mills which potters used to pug clay with. I'd hate to have to buy a mule too!
Warm puppies gathered by the stove all day


Dennis Allen said...

I splurged for the small Peter Pugger last year and love it.

Oliver said...

kinda tall, earlier chamber pots.. I like 'em:) Pugging is still better than having to buy/dig fresh clay and start from scratch.. Maybe when you have your kiln built you can grog all the waste and turn it into kiln furniture instead

Liberty Stoneware said...

Joseph's pug mill is an Australian design, I don't much like the filter system because of how hard it is to take it out. I have a chamber pot from VA Bell pottery that is similar to a few of the forms at the center of the board. I wasn't intentionally making chamber pots, but maybe that is what my brain automatically goes to when I think "low, slightly bellied, wide opening." And Oliver, I think you may be on to something for the reclaim clay someday!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I also dream of a pugger. Love that look of ready to use clay~mmm, so many possibilities!