Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Throwing Bigger Pieces

 In apprenticing at Joseph Sand's I am learning about some of the techniques he uses to make larger pieces. While I am not up to the size of the pieces above, I did make two smaller versions of the larger vessels. I threw four roughly 10-12 pound sections this week. The bottom half has a galley and the upper half has a thin rounded edge.The bases for Joseph's pieces above are two 20 pound sections. I am working up to that! It certainly has been a learning experience to grasp (literally) how to manage large amounts of clay!
Today I joined those pieces together to make what I am plotting as a decorated water cooler. I made the lids today and will finish them up on Friday. I will try and take some more detailed photos of the process when I join the sections I made today.
Joined vessels from the 4 sections

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