Monday, June 18, 2012


Show and tell at the seminar
 I have been gallivanting for several days now. Last week I was in Virginia doing some research and then presented at the 2012 Virginia Decorative Arts Seminar. That was a great time, and always good to have great conversation and see great pots!
A herd of bud vases headed for the kiln
 Before I left for Virginia I dropped off some pots at Joseph Sand's, and will be doing a kiln shift this coming weekend. 
A deceptive mound

The kiln floor
An adventure on Sunday included romping out to see a 19th-century kiln site near Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Morris kiln site operated from 1872-1902 and was a fascinating round kiln that looked to have arches in the exterior perimeter of the base.
Kiln furniture embedded in the kiln floor

Arches on the perimeter of the base of the kiln
More to come!

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