Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anniversary Firing

Cleaning the pottery shelves for the kiln
 It occurred to me this morning as I was cleaning out the kiln that my upcoming firing is nearly on the one-year anniversary date of my very first firing! Although my first firing was not a great success, the follow up firing went well!I did not think to make an anniversary piece of pottery to put in the kiln. Perhaps I will have to devise something.
Mugs getting ready for handles

Bud vases and more mugs
I've had several weeks of rampant pottery making and last-minute decisions to make ONE MORE PIECE! I have come to the conclusion that I officially have WAY more pottery than will actually fit in my kiln, but perhaps I will surprise myself! I'll be firing just in time for the Blowing Rock Art in the Park on Saturday, September 7th!
Pretty handles all lined up

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