Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Chance Holiday Shopping!

Slip Cast Porcelain Ornaments

Lots of lovely things are still available on the online Etsy store! If you are not clear across the country, I can likely get things shipped by Christmas Eve if orders are in by this Friday morning.
Here is a taste of what is online:
Compost Crocks

Gorgeous Teapot

Luscious Pitcher

Small Dishes
 This piece below I am particularly fond of, it is my little "beer pig" as I call it, or a small 3/4 gallon keg on legs. It's a lot of work to produce, but boy is it wonderful!
Small keg

We will also be at the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market this Saturday, December 21st from 7:00-12:00, and again on December 24th from 7:00-12:00. Come visit! Buy veggies AND pottery!
Hollow Slip Cast Ornaments

Here are some more items currently on Etsy:
Wine Cups





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