Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anniversary Firing

Cleaning the pottery shelves for the kiln
 It occurred to me this morning as I was cleaning out the kiln that my upcoming firing is nearly on the one-year anniversary date of my very first firing! Although my first firing was not a great success, the follow up firing went well!I did not think to make an anniversary piece of pottery to put in the kiln. Perhaps I will have to devise something.
Mugs getting ready for handles

Bud vases and more mugs
I've had several weeks of rampant pottery making and last-minute decisions to make ONE MORE PIECE! I have come to the conclusion that I officially have WAY more pottery than will actually fit in my kiln, but perhaps I will surprise myself! I'll be firing just in time for the Blowing Rock Art in the Park on Saturday, September 7th!
Pretty handles all lined up

Saturday, August 10, 2013

North Carolina Pottery Center Events and Exhibitions

Vase heading to the Pottery Center auction
This piece is heading to the 14th Annual Pottery Auction to support the North Carolina Pottery Center. It will be on Wednesday, August 28th at Leland Little Auctions in Hillsborough.

The opening for the newest exhibition at the Pottery Center was yesterday evening. The exhibition is entitled "Foodwares: Pottery for Storage and Preparation of Food" explores the historical and contemporary uses of pottery forms in and around the kitchen with food preparation. It was excellently curated by Mary Ferrell from Westmoore Pottery. I have a compost crock in with other lidded forms:
Compost Crock (upper right)
And a pickling crock:
Straight-sided half-gallon pickling crock with weight and lid
Most of the contemporary pottery in the exhibition is for sale! I was also captured at the opening laughing (at what, I cannot remember!):
Photo by Samantha Henneke with Bruce Gholson and Brenda laughing
Here are a few highlights of historic pieces in the exhibition:

Archaeological Moravian cooking vessels from Salem

Large Mixing bowl

Be sure to check out this exhibition and try to make it to the pottery auction to support the mission and efforts of the Pottery Center!