Friday, April 17, 2015

Clean Tools

Clean tools
I keep thinking, "where have the past several months gone?", and then I remember that I have a small person in my life! Maybe shooting for a post once each month is a good goal for now! Time does seem to be flying by. I have had better chances at uploading photos to Facebook, so if you want more frequent cute photos of Mattias, and updates on work, be sure to keep your eyes out there.
 My weeks have been largely measured by how old my little man is and how big he has been getting! However, he has also given me the chance to clean my tools, get in the studio, and start making some pots.
Sometime in February I got back in the studio and started making pots. Luckily, my little man did not mind sitting and either sleeping or watching me work around the studio.

 I focused most of my energy on getting a few gaps in my inventory filled and fluffed up for the Pottery Fair on the Square show at Old Salem in May.

Decorated mugs
 Making a lot of pots meant that it took me several days (plus several extra days of wrangling a child) to decorate all of those pots.
Mattias overseeing me making wadding for Joseph's kiln firing

Me spotting large pots being placed in the kiln
I was hoping to fire my own kiln, but have decided to push it back to June. So my pots went into Joseph Sand's big monster kiln. I have been on a few adventures lately and have gotten a few fun new historic pottery acquisitions, so I will try to do some more blog posts in the not-so-distant future! Stay tuned for photos from the kiln firing, too!