Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pitcher Party

After a recent sale, I noticed that I was running low on pitchers. So, last week, between hosting family and friends, I had a little pitcher party and made a few, with the hopes of making more in the next couple of weeks.
I made sure to make some twisted-handle pitchers, as I am completely out of them!
Twist handle
When I pull my handles, I tend to put the pots upside-down on the edge of table. This allows for the handles to keep from slumping, and it allows me to clean up the bottoms and put my stamps on.

Upside-down pitchers


Row of hanging handles
I have also been thinking about a taller pitcher with a lid in order for it to be put in the refrigerator, or placed on a table without allowing anything to fall into the mouth of the pitcher. I also put a wide base on these in order for them to sit in the refrigerator, with wire racks or with glass shelves.
New, larger pitcher

Pitcher with lid

I put a strap handle on the front in order for the weight of it to be balanced when pouring.

Strap handle at the front of the pitcher
I had fun decorating these as well, and put the Liberty Stoneware stamp on the front. I cannot wait to see these in a salt kiln!
Cobalt decoration

Cobalt decoration

Stamp and strap handle

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