Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eating my Words

In the past when people have asked me about bisquing ware with glass in it, I have told them confidently, "I have never had that happen." Even in my recent post, "Green Bottle Glass" I said, "The glass does not melt at all in the bisque, it anneals a little, but doesn't melt." Well, I withdraw my comments.
I knew there was something awry when I picked up a piece recently bisqued and saw this:

A large sagging drip of glass hung from the side of a mug. Then I looked at the other pieces. Some of the glass had not melted, but many of the pieces with glass in them looked like this:

I became more mesmerized by how beautiful the glass looked on top of the dry bisque body of the clay, and how fascinating it is to see the glass frozen, mid-melt. In all actuality, it is likely that these kilns are newer than many I have used before, and perhaps were operating a little hotter (I'll admit, I did not fire the bisque myself). I'm just going to cross my fingers that the glass does not get too frisky in the final firing!
So, perhaps I am not really eating my words, but chewing on what to say in the future!

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gphornsby said...

I like it! -Cheese cutter and melted glass: a new era in American Pottery.