Thursday, November 4, 2010

Branching Out With Technology

Okay, I know this is not DIRECTLY pottery-related, however, I have recently finished taking a course in audio documentary editing and have been working with photography for years. I wanted to share a piece I finished since it relates to my recent post on Dry Branch Farm. It also has me thinking about how to use these mediums to share my explorations and adventures in historical and contemporary pottery. I would like to know what readers think about combining audio and still photography and whether it could provide enough depth as a teaching and sharing tool. All of the photographs and audio clips were captured and edited by me through the graciousness of those who hosted and attended the event. Enjoy!


Michael Mahan said...

Great job on the documentary. Nice pictures and the narration was well done. My only criticism is that, in my experience, the documentary didn't connect with the people. I kept wanting to see a film clip of the people talking, as well as pictures. Maybe a few pictures of tighter shots of faces would help make that connection, people looking into the camera. Otherwise, I enjoyed the piece.

Brenda Hornsby Heindl said...

Thanks for the comments, Michael. I used the program Soundslides for this piece, which pairs still images I took with the audio project. I had started the project in iMovie but found the "Ken Burns effect" of zooming in and out a little obnoxious! Perhaps I could combine the two to balance it out. I enjoyed meeting your son Levi today at Joseph Sand's. I think we'll be working a kiln shift together this weekend!

Michael Mahan said...

I've used Soundslides and iMovie. You can turn off the "Ken Burns effect", can't you? I've got a friend who does video and pictures for the Myrtle Beach newspaper. He spends a lot of time editing:

Levi said he met you. Look forward to meeting you too.