Monday, January 3, 2011

The Beginning of a New Year

A happy new year to you all!
I made it into the studio on Saturday, January 1st after doing my best to make it to midnight the night before, and making it to about 12:05. A glass of champagne, and then I was gone (I didn't drink the whole glass in 5 minutes, I promise)! While my few hours at the studio on Saturday were not as productive as I had hoped, I did get to making a few things I've been thinking about. I finished them up this evening.
My first intention with these guys was for them to accompany the teapots I am working on. However, these jars ended up being almost the same size as the teapots! Now to ponder just how large should a "sugar dish/jar" be?

Lidded jars
On to pitchers. I had made this pitcher last spring:

Pitcher with twisted handle. Flashing slip on exterior, wood-fired.

Handle detail
It had been my intention to make a few more of these pitchers, but it got put on a backburner. I worked on tightening up the twist and making the curve of the handle more balanced. When I first made this type of handle I was concerned with how it would feel in the hand, but was surprised that it actually fits quite nicely and is not awkward. So here a few of the new(er) pitchers:

Tighted up the twist, and have been playing with handle terminals
May the new year be productive for all, and each day a happy and learning experience.


Michael Mahan said...

Love the jars. Your pitchers look great too. I want to pick one up and see how the handle feels.

Anne said...

Sugar jars should be BIG:)

Brenda Hornsby Heindl said...

I was looking at the jars last night, and thinking that if I made them any smaller they wouldn't hold a whole lot. However, they are only about an inch in height (rim no knob) shorter than the actual teapot! Does that mean I should make the teapot larger, or wait and see how the whole first run of a set look together?