Monday, January 24, 2011

Third Friday

This past Third Friday at the North Carolina Arts Incubator was a little quiet, but they have a great exhibition up to support the Haw River Assembly! If you have a chance and are in the area, I highly recommend going to see it. The exhibition is of the Paintbrush Forest project.

Showing how I smooth the edges of my pulled handles by running my thumbs down the side
I brought my work up from the basement studio area and finished up some teapots with a small audience.  It's always great to have a chance to talk about your work as you're doing it and having people ask questions. It makes me think more about the whole process and get a second set of eyes analyzing how I proceed. I put handles on a set of mugs and finished up some teapots I threw earlier last week.
Attaching the handle and talking about placement and making sure it is securely attached
When I attach the spout to the teapots which have spiral facets, I always feel like the base of the spout looks a little odd. I think it's because I don't feel like the smooth base blends in well with the spiraled side. So I have been adding decorations to the base of the spouts on my teapots lately.
Two new teapots. A little larger than the last ones. 
I showed a few decorations when I debuted some new teapots, but I've been going for a little more this time around.
Close-up of the decoration at the base of the spout
I'm excited about putting together a few tea sets and the (hopeful) exquisite outcome!

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