Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Warrented to be Ston Ware"

Courtesy, Antiques and the Arts
"Warrented to be Ston Ware" was scrawled across the side of a large piece of pottery which I had the pleasure of seeing this past weekend in Tennessee.  I had the chance to visit the Museum of East Tennessee in Knoxville where they have an exhibition entitled "Tennessee Turned: Earthenware and Stoneware Made in East Tennessee, 1800-1900." I was unable to take photos inside of the exhibition, but want to share some photos from an article by Antiques and the Arts. On many of the earthenware pieces, and some of the stoneware pieces were these amazing, gargantuan handles which I was particularly enamored with.

Courtesy, Antiques and the Arts
The manganese on the earthenware pieces was very glittery, which made me wonder whether there is a high percentage of mica in the manganese, or whether there is another mineral which creates that look. The stoneware pieces were not only beautiful, but some of them were jaw-dropping. Particularly, the water coolers fascinated me including this piece made by T.W. Craven and Co., a branch of the Cravens from North Carolina who relocated to Tennessee.

The Germanic pieces with lush decorations certainly had my eye and it was love at first sight.

These pieces reminded me a lot of New York and Connecticut pieces, so I am intrigued to learn more about the history of these potters. I was told that Carole Wahler, who curated the exhibition, is working on an exhibition companion to be published at the end of the month.  In the meantime, I might have to start writing "Warrented to be Ston Ware" on the sides of some pieces!
This is a great video from Antiques and the Arts highlighting other pieces from the exhibition. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I went to Knoxville in August to see the exhibition.I loved it all . Thanks for sharing.


Liberty Stoneware said...

It is something that if at all possible should not be missed! A guy was watching me avidly take notes in the gallery and asked what I was doing (because apparently I must have looked like a crazy person! hahaha). I told him I was taking notes, etc., but mentioned to him that this was a rare opportunity to see all of these pieces together and he was surprised to hear that. It's not everyday that pottery gets to come out and play together!