Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decorating Frenzy!

Slip-trailed design on the interior of a dish
 It has been a wild and woolly time over the last few weeks, so I apologize for my absence! I have been making a lot of pots, working at Joseph Sand's, and working on the kiln/machine shed! A lot of my time has been spent decorating and glazing pots. I both love and dislike single-firing. It is awesome and convenient to be able to glaze a piece once it is set up, but that means it has to be decorated before you glaze it, then that sets up, and THEN you glaze it! I guess I have been spoiled by bisque-firing my pottery for so long and not having to glaze until after the bisque firing!

Since the necessity to glaze the piece requires the pot to be slipped and decorated first, there has been quite a decorating frenzy going on!
Decorated dishes
  I've also been making and decorating vases, which is not something I have been particularly fond of.
Decorated vases. Some of these will have an ash glaze over the decorations.

Decorated vases. The piece on the right was a happy accident, and I think I am going to intentionally try to make a few more of them. I like the neck and shoulder of that vase.
I say "not fond of" because I have not really been satisfied with a good vase shape. Joseph showed me how he makes vases in two sections -- the body and then throw the neck off of the body -- and I kind of like it. They seem to have better movement and curve, and I am getting better at bringing the foot in.

Kiln loaded up for firing
 This weekend I am firing a kiln in order to get a few more pieces done before the Catawba Valley Pottery and Antiques Festival next weekend!
Check out the "Liberty, NC" stamp on the side of a pot behind the cone back!


Dennis Allen said...

Nice, nice, nice.

Oliver Mueller said...

Love the stamp shot! Vases are looking good and I like the fishscale/pinecone decoration..especially on the dish.. is the one in the zoomed-out photo a different piece.. the center looks less filled?