Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Testing Slips and Decorations

Marbling in the bottom of a bowl
Ever since I first researched marbled decoration on red earthenwares in Southeastern Pennsylvania and watched a few demonstrations of how it is done, I have been itching to make a few. I decided since this first kiln firing will basically be a test firing to me, I'm testing a few new slips and decorations. The colors I used on these bowls are white and red, which could turn out white and brown, but under an ash glaze, I don't know what the results will be!
Marbled bowls

Marbled bowls
 And guess what?! Some of you may remember the ornaments I made last winter, well, I decided since Halloween candy is already out in stores, why not start on holiday decorations too? For my first test kiln I will be testing a few ornaments! The decoration on the one below may be hard to see, but I'm hoping there will be pretty blues!
Decorated ornament

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