Thursday, August 30, 2012


Giant spider who was making its web
Yesterday I quipped on my Facebook page that perhaps I should charge more for the pots I make while surviving massive amounts of mosquito bites. Tonight's entertainment? Spiders.
Spiders at a particular distance? Pretty cool.
Spiders spinning and weaving a web? Pretty awesome.
Getting to watch a spider weave a web? Even better.
Spider bobbing up and down from the lamp over you and hanging about two inches behind your head and in front of your face while pulling handles? Not so cool. I appreciate Mother Nature, but not when I think the spider is going to land on me and make me one of the anchors for its web!
Needless to say, I gave the spider some space and moved to another location. So in honor of a friend of mine who once said "don't piss off the spider gods" I did not squish the spider and I made handles elsewhere.

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