Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tired, but Grateful!

Grandma's cookies with beans, wheat, and beautiful flowers!
 The kiln opening and farm tour yesterday went well! We had a great turn out for the pottery sale as well as the farm tour and people generally going on small farm tours all day! I made my grandma's chocolate chip cookies and crackers from our fresh ground wheat, which I am sure is what lured people in! We were exceptionally surprised by relatives from Ohio who showed up in the morning to surprise us! Thank you to all of our friends, family, neighbors, and customers who made this possible and support us! We are incredibly grateful!
Ornament Tree
Ornaments on the tree
 The ornaments were nicely displayed on a little tree, I even dug out the tree skirt for the occasion!
New pots on display!

Brenda talking about her kiln - thanks April!
I was really happy for the opportunity to share about my kiln and even have the chance to talk about some historic kilns and how different drafts work (and I didn't even put anyone to sleep!).

Brenda suited up for the bees - looks like a total wuss compared to the pros!

Baby aprons!
Today was filled with checking out our hives with Jerry Routh from Bee Ready Bees and sewing baby aprons for a friend's baby shower! Hoping to excavate Mt. Laundry soon and get back to making pots this week!
Here are some photos from the farm tour:


Dan Finnegan said...

I was checking out my hive yesterday as well!

Liberty Stoneware said...

Last gasp of warm weather! I am very glad we checked the hives as one of the hives had no queen so we ended up combining the two. New adventure, I have no clue what I am up to in that department, but am planning to take a class this winter, and feel much more relaxed around them than I thought I would! Dan, have you been able to maintain just one hive and not have them swarm?