Monday, November 5, 2012

Kiln Firing for Kiln Opening

Kiln loaded up!
In getting ready for our farm tour and kiln opening I worked really hard to get another kiln fired. I made some special pieces for this firing including some teapots inspired by a recent accession at Colonial Williamsburg:
Raw teapot paint decorated with blue slip

Raw clay teapot with a scratched design and cobalt blue decoration
As well as some ornaments:
Small herd of decorated ornaments

The ornaments I am really excited about because they are slip cast porcelain, making them hollow. Next year I hope to have time to modify my stoneware clay in order to slip cast with my own clay and have stoneware ornaments, but with the limited time I had this year I went with pre-mixed porcelain. I did make some pieces of kiln furniture to prop them on, and when they come out I'll explain more about this. Here is a photo of a few shortly after finishing the kiln firing:
Here are a few other shots of the inside of the kiln while I was crash cooling:
Ashy salty wine cups!

Decorated stoneware mugs through a haze of flames

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