Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring Clean Up

Eastern Fence Lizard at Emmaus Farm
  After three weekends of shows and kiln firings, then a conference in Pennsylvania, I'm trying to get back in the studio, excavate my wheel from under the boards and clay that pile up during kiln load prep, and generally trying a little spring cleaning!

  The farm is exploding with vegetables and the fruit trees and bushes are happy and leafy. We're into our 5th week of the Three Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this week, feeding 18 families from the area. Lizards are all over the place- including some great Eastern Fence Lizards like the one in the photo. I had a wren nesting in a box with my kao-wool (insulation fiber for the kiln) over the last few weeks. Babies hatched and fledged away now so I can have my box back!
  That's the short update for now- hopefully going to make some pots today!

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