Monday, June 3, 2013

Thinking Ahead

I always tell people either when demonstrating, or teaching, that you have to have in mind what you are going to make before you start. Otherwise, if you're thinking about a bowl, but intending to make a mug, it will end up like a weird, wide, funky mug. The photo above shows what I have in mind when I have been making these vases- I see the end result, or have an idea of it in my head while I work.

Lots of bigger pieces have been coming off the wheel this past week as I prepare to do some traveling for lectures and teaching. It's sometimes hard to think 3-4 days ahead in order to have lids finished, pots glazed, and slips on at just the right time, but things seem to be working out somehow.
I'm off to glaze some water coolers and vases- never ending!

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