Monday, October 14, 2013

Low Pressure Kiln Firing

Interior view of the kiln
Yesterday was a great low pressure day to fire a kiln. It was a suspiciously smooth kiln firing and I will find out the results tomorrow.

I finished loading the kiln on Saturday and failed to take a photo before bricking up the door. I was trying to hastily get the door up before dark, so I snapped a couple of shots before the final bricks went up (above). 
Loading the salt in the kiln

Clouds from the salting
Low pressure days are always entertaining because the clouds created when we salt the kiln tend to be heavy like a thick fog rolling toward the neighbor's houses. I had a great day today venturing to spend the day with Michel Bayne and Kim Ellington and collecting pottery and conversations for an exhibition I am putting together for the North Carolina Pottery Center.

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