Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Pottery Photos

Decorated vases
I've been bad about taking photographs of my pottery in the last couple of months, so I put aside some photo-studio time!
The firings this late summer/fall have turned out some really lovely pots.
Decorated mugs
Large handled bowl
After one year of firing with this kiln I am starting to better understand where I get the best results with certain decorations and surfaces in my kiln. I'm not getting too comfortable, mind you, that would likely not be a good idea and result in disasters!
Small dishes

Wine cups

 One more kiln firing to go! If you have any holiday requests, get them to me ASAP as I will likely not be doing a December firing!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Congratulations. These ARE lovely pots!

Anonymous said...

Stunning. I want them all!

Liberty Stoneware said...

Thanks, everyone! It feels really good to have my own kiln and a (somewhat) dedicated studio which makes feel like I am coming into my own designs and am more and more content with what I am making. Not satisfied, of course, just content- ha!