Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Farm - A Girl's Best Friend

Our new chainsaw
Some say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, in my line of work with wood-fired pottery, I think a chainsaw is a girl's best friend. My other half says the chainsaw was our holiday present, but I think of it as my own little wood eating beast! It's lightweight and works like a charm! I had the chance to break it in today while the weather was nice. Did anyone else get a chainsaw for a holiday present?
This is my mountain I am working on whittling down and preparing for the February kiln firing.
Work continues on the barn. All of the concrete footers have been poured and we are beginning on the piers. I've become quite skilled at running the concrete mixer and getting the consistency right!

Below, though, is perhaps one of the most exciting things at the farm today:

Bees heading back into their hive

Close up of the bees heading back into their hive
 We checked in on our two beehives and saw they were quite active in the sunny weather. I was most surprised and mesmerized to see bees coming in to the hive with pollen on their little furry legs! You can kind of make out the yellow pollen on their legs in the photo above, and I enlarged so you can see it better below.
Enlarged image to show the pollen on their legs!
I haven't the faintest idea where within three miles (their usual radius) they are picking up pollen, but I am happy and excited they are doing so!

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