Monday, January 20, 2014

52 Form Project- Week 3

The 52 Form Project 

What is it?
My 52 Form Project is devised to help me stretch my creative muscles, explore new forms, or finally get to making forms I have been wanting to try for a long time. I am planning to make a new or modified form for every week of this year

How can you help?
Your input on the forms, their shape, decoration, appeal, and function would be greatly appreciated. Some forms, if they seem like they may do well in the market, may become a part of my regular production.
Week 3

Bottles with a garlic dish
This past week was much better than the second week blunder, and perhaps if I get my act together I will actually post photos of the previous week at the end of that week rather than the beginning of the next! For Week 3 I made small bottles for vinegar or oil to accommodate a pouring spout.
Pouring spout sitting in the top of the bottle
 I made these to accompany the garlic dishes I started making late last year.  I have decorated them to compliment the current decoration on the rim of the garlic dish.
Faceted bottles

I returned to faceting, which is something I did for a little while and was enamored with the process. Faceting means that you cut away sections of the clay vessel with various tools. I like to use a cheese slicer!  I had never tried faceting a bottle, and while I am glad I tried it, I don't think I will continue the design.
Downfall of faceting

Of course, in faceting there are always pitfalls such as the photo above. Because you cut away the clay, if the wall of the vessel is not thick enough, you will inevitably cut through the vessel.

Bottles with indentations

I also made a few bottles with indentations on the sides, similar to how I make indentations on the wine cups. I enjoy this design the best, and think I will make a few more for the next firing. They are very comfortable and easily grasped for pouring. Now on to week 4!

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