Saturday, February 1, 2014

On the Farm- White Blanket

Our wheat field in the snow
Well, it snowed.I grew up in Southern Ohio, have lived in Kentucky, northern Delaware, and even Maine for a bit, and have definitely experienced more snow than what get saw on the ground. So I have to chuckle when we get a dusting of snow that shuts down (seemingly) the entire state! I do like it when it snows though, just for the quiet that it creates.
Raised beds in the snow
The concrete is still on hold, but we were able to get started on a new greenhouse last weekend:
Beginnings of a greenhouse

It's going to be thirteen feet wide and sixty feet long, metal construction, and plastic cover. You'll have to tune in to Emmaus Farm's Facebook page to keep an eye on the progress.

In the Kitchen-
My sourdough starter

I have an almost eight year old starter that I caught in the wilds of Kentucky and have been tending to it every since.I call  it my "creature" and it lives in the refrigerator. Great Whole Grains Bread has been reliable for a good use of my sourdough starter. It has a great recipe for sourdough pancakes, so it helps me keep the starter fresh and alive wit weekly use! I've also been on a hunt for good recipes to use with our whole wheat bread flour that we grow on the farm. My favorite recipe thus far has been a digestive cookie or biscuit that reminds me of the British McVitties digestive cookies. I did not coat them in chocolate (yet), but did make the recipe with only whole wheat flour, and the consistency was great. Not too sweet, and just crunchy enough to be dangerous (as I want to eat too many of them!).

In case you didn't catch it on Facebook, here are some photos I took of the interior of a dish I decorated recently:

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