Monday, February 17, 2014

52 Form Project- Week 7

Our chicken ladies
The 52 Form Project 

What is it?
My 52 Form Project is devised to help me stretch my creative muscles, explore new forms, or finally get to making forms I have been wanting to try for a long time. I am planning to make a new or modified form for every week of this year.
How can you help?
Your input on the forms, their shape, decoration, appeal, and function would be greatly appreciated. Some forms, if they seem like they may do well in the market, may become a part of my regular production. 
Week 7
We have some lovely ladies on our farm - ladies of the feathered variety! Fresh eggs are hands down one of life's great pleasures- the richness of the yolk is always alluring, and the flavor cannot be surpassed by any grocery store eggs. So last week's endeavor was to make a few chicken waterers for potential use. Stoneware is a great material for chicken waterers because especially in the summertime, it will likely keep the water cooler for longer periods of time.
Live Auctioneers
I really enjoy the form such as the historic chicken waterer above, and also the waterers that are in the shape of a jug with a cut at the bottom. That form is probably easier to make in a lot of ways, but I have some hesitations about it.
A two-part chicken waterer I found at an antique store
In experience with waterers, I know they have the potential of making algae on the inside. This could perhaps be deflected by glazing the inside of the one-piece waterer, but it seems like you would likely need to bleach it, and that could transfer to the chickens (not good). I think the two-part are much more conducive to being cleaned and easier to maintain. I hesitate to make forms that may be rendered impractical and just put away after it gets too frustrating to use it.
Initial conical shape
 I made a 7 1/2 pound conical shape that when it set up, I threw a handle on top of it
Dish with interior lip
 I made a dish to match the base of the conical shape.
 The trick with the waterer is that the hole cannot be above the rim, so that it can glug water out on its own through gravity. Basically, as the water in the exterior channel depletes, the little "glug hole" releases more water to fill it. 
 So the hole at the base of the conical shape is very short and small.
 I put some white slip at the top and plan to decorate it a little bit.
The dish also has a cut on the interior channel to release water from the inside. 
Stamped chicken waterer
I stamped a few of them around the top. One of them says, "CHICKEN GOSSIP AROUND THE WATER COOLER." These won't make it in the upcoming firing, so we will have to wait until March for the final result! I am loading the kiln this week as we head for 70 degree weather!

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