Friday, November 12, 2010

Toasting to the Kilns

A toast to the kiln firings this weekend! I'm excited to participate in firing Joseph Sand and Sid Luck's wood kilns this weekend. I will post the results when the kilns are opened next week!
Toasting with bisque ware!


Dan Finnegan said...

Thanks for the update on the ACC extravaganza. I was sorry to miss it. I'm firing next weekend, so it was the right decision. Good luck with yours!

Brenda Hornsby Heindl said...

Man oh man I wish I could come see your kiln firing! Any speculation on when you might shoot for the next firing? I might be in the market for a kiln design in the next year and really liked yours when I saw it and would like to see it in action! ACC was good, if I get to come up your way, I'll bring photos and the exhibit material. The exhibit (Art in Clay) will also be coming my way next spring, so you can come see it and stay with me! Good luck with your firing as well, I will keep my eyes on your blog for grand results!