Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life Outside of the Slip Bucket

Unpacking and installing photographs by Marty Stuart. Photograph was taken by Lauren Hart.

I've been busy at work installing an exhibition and have been plagued by poison sumac. I apologize for the lack of posts! Rather than tell you about my poison sumac, I thought I would tell you about work! I'm not a full-time potter. You might have guessed this already from my divergences to conferences and hither and yon. I currently work as an exhibitions intern at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. My work mainly entails working with the exhibitions director in order to organize, plan, install, travel, and research current, past, and future exhibitions. Most of the exhibitions are photography, but I'm enjoying learning about using video and audio as components of an exhibition as well (like the post where I shared my work in an audio editing course). We've recently been installing a new exhibition so I thought I would share some photos captured of me in action.

Yes, that's Minnie Pearl's hat. The framed photograph was taken by Marty Stuart. I just get the privilege of hanging it on the wall. Photograph was taken by Lauren Hart.
I enjoy working in a museum/gallery setting, and am aiming to find a balance between making pottery and working with a museum in some way. I thrive on researching and learning about most any historical object, subject, or topic. Ceramics and furniture are certainly at the top of the list.

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