Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slipping Up

A quick post while I am on the road. I wanted to share some photos of painted slip work I did on a few pieces last weekend before heading for the Mid-Atlantic. I've been researching kiln furniture in New Jersey for the past few days, and will be in Philadelphia tomorrow. And then, hopefully this weekend, I'll post an event I am attending that is outside of the ceramics world -- just keeping you in the dark for a few days! Enjoy!
I used to make this design a lot and it was splendid to get back to an old familiar.

Throwing some bottles last week was a necessary stress reliever! Decorating them just made life all the better.

I cannot wait until these get fired!

And a mess of mugs. With wine bottle glass on a lot of them.


Dennis Allen said...

Very nice.Enjoy your trip.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Thanks, Dennis! I went to Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch's workshop last weekend in Shelby, so I may try some more slip work in the future. I'm very excited about trying new things and dusting off some older techniques I used to use! I'll have loads of things to post about kilns and the workshop when I get back. Stay tuned!