Sunday, April 3, 2011

Triad Pottery Festival

The inside of the Curb Market

Today I had the opportunity to participate in the 13th Annual Triad Pottery Festival. It is held at the Greensboro Farmer's Market at the Curb Market near downtown Greensboro. All of the people who attended were really nice and friendly, so I had some wonderful conversations with people who stopped by my table.

My table with the beautiful backdrop of a fire hydrant and brooms!

The farmer's market tables are like small boxes or stalls with ledges. This worked out well so things could not get knocked off onto the floor, but made it difficult for how to lay out the space.

All that brown, I tried to bring some color in with flowers!
I took a few compost crocks to debut, and was surprised that I did not sell any of them! I think I need a sign that reads, "I am a compost crock!" It's always funny to think about the things you think will sell the best, and then you are surprised when those things don't sell. I hope to continue having the opportunity to participate in this festival. The location is quite good and the people are really great. The variety of pottery that is available also makes for a great variety of people who are browsing and buying.

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