Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Virginia Inspirations

I had the pleasure of attending a stoneware seminar at the Jeff Evans and Associates auction house in Mount Crawford, Virginia this past weekend. There was quite a turnout of people for some great presentations by Scott Suter, Kurt Russ, Jeff Evans, Rob Hunter, and Marshall Goodman. The setting of the auction house was just perfect, surrounded by the fabulous items in his upcoming auction.

Jeff Evans giving a presentation
Some amazing pieces were brought to show and were talked about during the presentations.

I was grciously hosted by Jeff and his wife Beverley at their lovely and amazing restored stone home nearby.

My dream house!
I also had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with the Mid-Atlantic Pottery Society.

Show and tell with the Mid-Atlantic Pottery Society, a great group of people

I particularly liked this design and might have to give a better try for making a similar decoration
Inspired by all of the cobalt decorations I made some flowerpots this morning and put cobalt decorations on them. I rather enjoy the heavy rims and the shape.
Little herd of flower pots

I put cobalt on the rims on only two of the pieces as I do not know whether my slip-glaze will melt and stick with the salt

My chains and loops at the top part are a little wonky, I will give it another try!

I think the floral decorations turned out well

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