Monday, June 6, 2011

All Creatures Great and Small

Compost crocks!
Last week and this week was and will be some prep work for getting a jump on inventory for the summer.
The title of my entry today is a nod to one of my favorite childhood authors, James Herriot. I completed ten compost crocks bringing two new shapes into the design and widening the opening on the original design. I also chose to make the knobs a little taller and with a little more clay on top for handling.

I widened the opening on these, but made an effort to keep the same shape

Straight-sided crock in the center. I especially enjoy the lids on these pieces.
I decided to not make the below shape into a compost crock because the lid requires a larger amount of clay to make and therefore would change the amount of material going into the piece. I'd like to keep all of the compost crocks at the same price and made with roughly the same amount of materials. I am thinking this might be a design I will modify for mixing bowls though because I really enjoy throwing this shape, and I think the handles look great on the sides.

The vessel shape denied a lid. I am still cotemplating a casserole, but have not decided just yet.

I also have been doing a few commissions for artist Ricky Lindley. I made two more roughly 22 inch tall lamp bases for him last week. These are sometimes a bear to duplicate, but it's fun to be challenged with big pieces. I also enjoy making forms outside of what I usually make

Large decorative lamp bases
I have also been contemplating small items to sell for the broader purchasing market. I thought these small dishes would still fit nicely in with my other pieces and function as a small individual serving-size dish or salad dressing dish if desired. They also fill those small spots in the kiln really well!

Wee dishes

And finally, I did a sale this past Saturday in downtown Liberty for their Rediscover Liberty: Customer Appreciation celebration. If you have not been to Liberty recently, you should stop in and see the new businesses in town. Liberty Stoneware is for sale at the new Off the Vine wine and cheese shop, which also has their beer license now to sell North Carolina craft brews by the bottle!
My little booth set up


Dennis Allen said...

Those crocks are looking good.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Thanks, Dennis! I hope they all turn out well. In the last bisque kiln a few of the knobs did not fare so well. I made sure to pierce the underside of the lid this time, since they are hollow, but I am wondering if I am doing something wrong with the compression when I throw them. I threw them a little thicker this time too just in case I was previously making the walls too thin. We'll see I guess!