Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekend Away and More KILN BUILDING!

I spent this last weekend away at Valle Crucis in the mountains at a wedding. Part of the weekend was spent in the rocking chairs as photographed above, and part of the weekend (outside of the FANTASTIC wedding!) was spent looking at beautiful scenery such as this:
Valley behind the Mast General Store

Reception table at the wedding overlooking the mountains

Waterfall above the Valle Crucis Conference Center
I played catch up and got some rest on Monday, then it was back to work! Today Joseph came and helped some more with the kiln building. A lot of progress was made today! The base is done and the walls are going up! This is a going to be a big beast of a kiln!
I am very excited. My reflection on building a kiln though is connected to my weekend away at a wedding. Building a kiln is like getting married. It can be expensive, possibly nerve wracking, you may not know whether it will work out forever, you may not always get along, but by golly, it's a fixture of your life now!
Here are some photos of today's work:
Base of kiln finished

Floor brick going in, dry stacked

Joseph laying the brick in as the walls go up!

Door opening of the future kiln!


Dennis Allen said...

Wishing you much happiness and a long life together! Love those big slabs you are using for the floor. Are you actually mortaring the body of the kiln or just leveling things a little?

Liberty Stoneware said...

Yes, I hope my union with the kiln will go well! The big slabs are pretty handy, but will likely crack eventually, which is not detrimental, but will probably be frustrating. The only "mortar" I am using is a mix of a highly refractory clay mined here in NC mixed 50/50 with sand. Between the top brick is a very thin layer of it, but the base has a bit more. It helps with the leveling quite a bit because my brick is salvaged they are a little uneven.