Monday, September 3, 2012

Video - Dropping the Arch!

Here is a video of the arch being dropped on the kiln today! The hydraulic sound from the bottle jack adds to the drama and excitement! This link will take you to the video on YouTube in case this embedded video does not work. I will be sure to post some more photos soon of pots and kiln building - on to finish the chimney and hope to fire soon!
Contented with the kiln arch


Dan Finnegan said...

Massive! I love a good arch!

Dennis Allen said...

Love those classic "a girl and her kiln" pictures.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Dan, I think I would love the arch more if it was a little smoother on the interior. I'm a little worried about the salt getting into the cracks, but I don't want to stick mortar up into it because then I'll be worried about stuff falling down on my pots. Do you have any suggestions? Dennis, I guess it's like having a 7,000 pound pet you want to have photos taken with, ha!