Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Kiln Firing Results!

Kiln door down!
 After two days of cooling, I was able to take the door down and start unloading this morning. Other than a few major stuck pots with running ash and a few pots with dry ash on them, I am very satisfied and excited about the results. Some of the cobalt blue slip designs I made on a few dishes got There was definitely a large ash build up from the first attempt last week and then the firing this past weekend. This photo is of an almost 1/2 inch build up of ash on the bottom floor of the kiln behind the door:
Ash build up
Here are the first peeks into the kiln:
Exciting blue!

Pots on the top stack when I first started removing the door
Here are the first two pieces out of the kiln, snatched from the top stack:

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Ollie said...

The blues and white slip-work look nice!