Monday, April 29, 2013

Recent Happenings

It seems like the time between firings and shows is a chaotic tornado that is hard to recover from! I got back to the pottery wheel after the Catawba Valley show and had another firing recently. I'm getting ready for my first show with the Whimsical Women in Chapel Hill.
Pots stacked up and ready to go

Pots after the firing
Due to a few mishaps in this firing I'm hoping to do a joint firing with another potter in a few weeks to be ready for the Old Salem Pottery Fair on the Square.So it was back to the clay yesterday!
Parts for mugs and vases

Parts for coolers and compost crocks
Happy Spring!

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Dennis Allen said...

Thanks Brenda.It's tough to keep cranking it out right after a big show. Seems like most folks have a let down for a couple of days before they gather up their strength. Have a great firing.