Friday, November 1, 2013

Lighthouse Outhouse

A few weeks ago I attending Preservation North Carolina's annual conference which was held in Edenton, NC. I had the chance to check out one a rescued lighthouse in the process of being restored. The building was fabulous, but I thought I would share the outhouse which I thought was most amusing.

The outhouse, like many outhouses was outside of the building, off to one side. I immediately noticed that there was not a shaft or any other materials to hide was may, well, fall from the interior of the outhouse. I asked a man who helps tend to the lighthouse and when I asked him why there wasn't any additional structure he said that wouldn't have been necessary because it was off of the coast- who would see?

View from the seat
So, straight down into the water for all the passing boats to see...I am easily amused. I hope you can also enjoy my humor.

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