Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kiln Firing Results!

Before firing
Just in time for the Whimsical Women show in Pfafftown this weekend, the kiln is unloaded and I am rampantly cleaning and pricing pottery!
After firing!
View inside of the kiln
  There will be a large array of mugs, vases, dishes, wine cups, bowls, compost crocks, pickling crocks, and pitchers!
 Look for the ornaments! I will have a large variety of these unique, lightweight porcelain beauties to choose from!


Dennis Allen said...

Looks like a great firing. Beautiful pots

Liberty Stoneware said...

Clay and slips are going a little darker than I prefer, and still getting some dry ash and a cool corner, so things to work out still. All in all, good firing! Very little waste, which is always good in my book!