Friday, November 14, 2014

Kiln Results, Farm Open House, and Pottery Sale!

Be sure to make it out on Sunday, November 23rd for our annual fall farm open house and pottery sale! We'll be doing a walking tour of the farm at 2:00 p.m., but general tours will likely take place all day!

Small mugs

Small pitcher

Lidded Jar

Decorated square bottle
I recently fired my wood-firing salt glaze kiln with wonderful results. I am really quite pleased when the blue slips turn really blue!

I made a few mugs with a glaze I developed from clay excavated at our farm. It's a really beautiful green glaze and I decorated it with a lovely little slip trailed wheat design on two sides.
We will also have some of our fundraising bottles and bags of wheat if you would like to support our efforts to finish my studio and the barn workshop!
Of course there will be lots of beautiful porcelain ornaments to peruse! The colors turned out particularly well on those in this recent firing.

You can also come out and see the wild development of my small person that is due in January! I hope you can come visit!

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Linda Starr said...

congrats on the firing and the little one, those ornaments are beautiful, hope you have a great sale