Monday, March 31, 2014

Help Raise Our Barn!

We have been working on building a barn for several months now. We've been hampered by the cold and wet winter we have had, but finally have the girders up on the concrete piers!  We are rolling forward in order to try and have the barn mostly finished before our Farm Opening and Pottery Sale in June. While farming and pottery is an enjoyable lifestyle, it can be a crunch on finances for major infrastructure building like a barn. We are starting a campaign to raise funds for completing the barn. For a $50 contribution toward the project we are making numbered, square-sided bottles made with a glaze from clay dug at the barn's foundation, decorated with white slip, and a bag of fresh-ground whole wheat flour grown on the farm.

With your help we can fulfill our goal of getting Brenda's pottery shop out of our house and all of our farm tools and machinery out to the farm. It will make a huge difference in our operations to have everything at the farm and near the kiln. The barn will include a space for a harvest room to store produce and prepare vegetables such as dried garlic.

Our flour is a hard red winter wheat for bread flour. It has a great consistency and a nutty flavor.
The variety, NuEast, is a part of the Carolina Bread Project to bring back hard red winter wheat to the South. Most wheat currently grown in the South is a white wheat used in pastry flour.
Only 100 bottles will be made for this project, so send an inquiry to soon so you don't miss out! We will start sending the bottles out after our May firing and will continue through the summer. Thanks in advance!

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