Friday, March 4, 2011

Fried Food and Chimney Toppers

Door to New Hope meetinghouse
Should you ever find yourself near Snow Camp, North Carolina, I highly recommend stopping at Ye Old Country Kitchen beside the Snow Camp Outdoor Drama. I had heard that the food there was good, and if you go during the week the buffet is $5.50! I went this past Sunday and enjoyed down-home cookin' and a fascinating collection of historic buildings.
I told myself that the vegetables on the plate on the right balanced out the fried food on the plate on the left!
The food was good, and there were numerous Quaker meetinghouses, including the New Hope meetinghouse:
New Hope meetinghouse

Normally, I would tell you everything I can about this structure, however, I was unable to obtain a map of the buildings which corresponded with the numbers on small plaques outside of them. Either way, on top of the  New Hope meetinghouse were red earthenware chimney toppers, which were really exciting:
Red earthenware, possible sewer-tile, clay chimney topper
The historic buildings were not open for the most part, so I hope to make it out there this summer and see one of the shows, and get a chance to see more of the buildings.

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