Saturday, March 19, 2011

Listen to those Voices


Do you know that small voice inside that says, "don't bisque that piece of pottery, it might still be a little too damp"? Well, listen to that voice. I thought a few pieces which had sat out for several days were dry enough, and that bringing the bisque kiln up slowly would have helped them out just in case. Apparently, the bottoms were a little thicker than I remembered making them, and lo and behold, they exploded. In order to humble myself, I am sharing my mistake with you and revealing lost pots!

This also gave me the chance to see that I need to leave the front side of these pieces a little thicker for applying my stamps. The crack across the shoulder of the piece showed that pressing the stamp in made the surface thin and uneven,


Dennis Allen said...

You're the only one this has ever happened to.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Yeah, right! This is the reason why archaeological excavations of pottery sites are so fascinating because you can see all of the mess-ups and breakages that have been happening for centuries!

Michael Mahan said...

Sorry 'bout that. Did you hear them explode. I hate that sound.

Liberty Stoneware said...

Michael, luckily I have no emotional attachment to my pots really, so no harm done! I was not privy to their exploding, but I have heard that sound before (luckily not of my wares exploding) and it is a rather disheartening sound! Patience. I just need a little more patience!