Sunday, March 13, 2011

Getting Ready

I dropped my pots off at Joseph Sand's this past Friday. The boxes of pottery filled my car, twice! I wish I had my camera with me when I was packing things up at the North Carolina Arts Incubator. Everything had been tucked away on my bisque ware shelf, and as I brought each piece out, glazed it, and put it aside to pack, it seemed like everything multiplied and spread out. It was a little overwhelming!
Boxes of bisque ware on top of the shelf and all over the place!

I helped prepare some kiln furniture bricks, and then slipped and glazed some single-fire pieces. I have not done a lot of single-firing before, so I will be interested to see how these turn out and if the forms I made are conducive to single-firing.

Single-fire dishes with interior glazed, rim left unglazed so they can be stacked

Trying out a few forms with a brown slip

Tankard with brown slip
The firing is next weekend. I have two kiln shifts, and am really excited!

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