Thursday, March 17, 2011

Loaded Up

Yesterday I helped finish loading and bricking up the front of the kiln at Joseph Sand Pottery. Levi Mahan and I wadded pots, hauled bricks, and moved pots around. I'm becoming more comfortable with transporting green ware for single firing, and got away with not breaking anything!

That's Lucy at the end of the kiln. I tried to catch a photo of her  walking along the edge of the kiln. She was sticking her nose in the port holes. It was adorable. 
The preheat for the kiln firing starts today and I will be helping with a few shifts this weekend. I need to rest up!

Alex Matisse brought a few pieces to put in the kiln. He also brought these little bugs which were kind of entertaining to see on the kiln shelves. He said they were good luck charms, so hopefully they'll bring good luck to the kiln firing!

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